Enerion Ltd

Enerion and Raptek join forces

25 Aug, 2023

Norway Enerion AS has announced the merger with Raptek Limited, located in Aberdeenshire. Raptek will fully rebrand and become known as Enerion Limited. With office’s located near Stavanger and Aberdeen airports and harbours, both are suitably located to support offshore, marine and energy sectors. Providing full life cycle solutions in design & manufacturing, maintenance & repair services, and testing & verification. Also including upgrades, refurbishment, and rental of specialised equipment for the energy industry.

Enerion has extensive experience and long track record of delivering client focused products & services from their knowledgeable team. With the merger, this will drive growth and opportunities for increasing staffing levels and leveraging on the wider skills as a group.

Enerion Group CEO, Gisle Ødemotland – is proud of the commitment from the teams in Norway & UK as they embark on a promising time ahead, while embracing the positive opportunity the merger will bring to staff and our key clients.

Enerion UK Managing Director, David Gray – will be working closely with Gisle to integrate the QHSE and ERP systems to be in line with the group. Enerion UK & Norway are actively looking to increase headcount due to the award of projects in 2023 leading into 2024. Enerion has exciting and ambitious plans in place to maintain the high standard of engineering excellence.

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